Five Dollar Bills from the 1870s

The 1870s did not see a lot of diversity in terms of the five dollar bills printed by The United States, but it did see a lot of rarity.

Any $5 bill that has a date in the 1870s is going to be one of three things:

1) An 1875 or 1878 $5 Legal Tender Note – Certain types of 1875 $5 notes can be very rare.  The design types are virtually the same and was used for both previous and later decades as well.  Don’t confuse this with other series of 1875 notes seen below.

2) A Five Dollar National Gold Bank Note – These were only issued by banks in California.  They are very popular because the backs of these five dollar bills have coins on them.  Some are rare.  Anything in XF condition or better should be considered to be especially valuable.

3) A Five Dollar National Bank Note – These are the five dollar bills that you are most likely to encounter from the 1870s.  However, that does not mean that they are the least valuable.  The value of any five dollar national bank note depends on the serial number, issuing bank, condition, and to a certain extent the signatures.  Many extremely rare banks issued these notes.  Prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands.  They are broken down into two types.  There are Series of 1875 notes that have rounded red seals as seen above.  Then there are original series notes that have a spiked red seal as seen above.  Any $5 bill can have 1870, 1871, 1872, 1873, 1874, 1875, 1876, 1877, 1878, or 1879 printed on it.  Those years correspond with the year the bank originally opened.

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