How Much Is An Old Ten Dollar Bill Worth?

How Much Is An Old Ten Dollar Bill Worth?

There are two things which are extremely important when valuing any ten dollar bill.  Rarity is the most important factor.  Condition is the second most important variable.  Other factors such as serial number, popularity, and provenance can add some extra value.  However, 99% of the time you can value any $10 bill based purely on its rarity and condition.

If you are looking to sell your ten dollar bill, or just get a free appraisal, then please contact us.  We can make an offer.  All we need is to see scans or digital photos of what you have.

Rarity – Rarity is simply a determination of how many of a specific type of ten dollar bill is known to exist.  Every bill has a serial number, so it is very easy for collectors and dealers to keep up with how many are still held by collectors.

Condition – This one is fairly self-explanatory.  All things equal, a ten dollar bill in perfect condition will be worth more money than a circulated ten dollar bill.  Things like tears, stains, writing, missing pieces, etc, can significantly lower the value of any bill.

Serial Number – The serial number on a $10 bill is rarely important.  However, if the number is something like 1, or 99999999, then that will add a lot of value.  For a serial number to add value, it must be instantly noticeable that there is something special about the number.

Provenance – This rarely applies.  However, if you could prove that a historic event or important person was definitively connected to your ten dollar bill, then that would certainly add some value.

Popularity – This is a factor we include just so people understand it isn’t always just about rarity and condition.  Some types of ten dollar bills are just more popular than others.

Sometimes you just can’t predict how someone is going to value a ten dollar bill.  So rather than jump to conclusions, send us a picture of your bill so we can make a firm offer.  You might be pleasantly surprised by our value.