How Much Is A 1868 $1 Bill Worth?

Some national banks printed one dollar bills. Examples from 1868 can be especially scarce. These bills can have two different dates on them. If they are a later issue then they will say Series of 1875 and 1868. 1868 is just the date when the national bank originally opened for business; the $1 bill was not necessarily printed during that year. One dollar national bank notes were actually printed as late as 1878. That is a 10 year production period. The rarity of a $1 bill from 1868 is based on its condition, serial number, and bank of issue. The rare currency from this series can be worth several thousand dollars. However, most money still trades for around $1,000. Contact us if you need an exact price quote. You might be surprised by the value.

  • Condition: As you might expect, collectors looking to spend lots of money on rare currency want to buy something in great condition. We pay more for 1868 $1 bills that are high grade.
  • Serial Numbers: Collectors and dealers both sometimes focus on serial number one $1 bank notes. These were usually kept by bankers as souvenirs of their success. They had no idea that one day the value would be so high.

Please contact us if you have a $1 bill from 1868. We have paid significant amounts of money for such bills in the past. We would like a chance to make an offer on yours. We are available 24/7 by phone or email. – (864) 430-4020

The national banks in the list below printed 1868 $1 bills:

  • Charter 1678 – Union Stock Yards National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
  • Charter 1684 – Pacific National Bank of Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Charter 1687 – Farmers National Bank of Bangor, Maine
  • Charter 1683 – First National Bank of Mankato, Minnesota
  • Charter 1683 – First National Bank & Trust Company of Mankato, Minnesota
  • Charter 1686 – First National Bank of Faribault, Minnesota
  • Charter 1677 – Greene County National Bank of Springfield, Missouri
  • Charter 1688 – First National Bank of Hillsborough, New Hampshire
  • Charter 1681 – Princeton National Bank, New Jersey
  • Charter 1682 – State National Bank of Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Charter 1676 – First National Bank of Honeybrook, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 1685 – First National Bank of Sharon, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 1680 – Carolina National Bank of Columbia, South Carolina