Value of Series 471 25 Cent Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 471 Twenty-Five Cents MPC

Type: Series 471

Denomination: Twenty-Five Cents

Number of Notes Printed: 4,480,000

First Issued: March 10, 1947

Redeemed: March 22, 1948

Value In Very Low Grades: $4

Value In Perfect Condition: $100

Twenty-five cent military payment certificates from the series 471 can frequently be found in dealer’s junk boxes. To be honest, most of them belong there. The average note is only worth a couple dollars. However, if you happen to see a note with a serial number under 100 then you can expect that one to be worth a nice premium. Collectors have always liked low serial number notes. The design on series 471 25 MPCs isn’t exactly inspirational. The front of each note says “for use only in united states military establishments by united states authorized personnel in accordance with applicable rules and regulations.”

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