Value of Series 472 5 Cent Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 472 Five Cents MPC

Type: Series 472

Denomination: Five Cents

Number of Notes Printed: 7,960,000

First Issued: March 22, 1948

Redeemed: June 20, 1951

Value In Very Low Grades: $1

Value In Perfect Condition: $10

Small denominations (like five cents) have always been great souvenir pieces. Even back in the 1860s when fractional currency was first issued it wasn’t uncommon for people to save high grade examples of lower denominations. The same can be said about military payment certificates. Soldiers rushed to conversation day so they didn’t end up with worthless $10 MPC. However, having a left over five cent military payment certificate wasn’t a big deal. That is part of the reason series 472 five cents MPCs are so common. They were saved in large numbers.

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