Value of Series 521 5 Cent Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 521 Five Cents MPC

Type: Series 521

Denomination: Five Cents

Number of Notes Printed: 27,216,000

First Issued: May 25, 1954

Redeemed: May 27, 1958

Value In Very Low Grades: $1

Value In Perfect Condition: $15

Series 521 military payment certificates are the smallest in the series in terms of both face value and physical size. All of the fractional denominations are smaller than the whole dollar amount MPCs. Each fractional denomination has its own unique color design. Five cent notes have blue and yellow as their central colors. You can also find the standard text “for use only in united states military establishments by united states authorized personnel in accordance with applicable rules and regulations” written on the front of each note. A few 521 five cent notes are rare. Send us pictures of what you have and we can let you know if it is worth more money.

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