Value of Series 541 5 Cent Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 541 Five Cents MPC

Type: Series 541

Denomination: Five Cents

Number of Notes Printed: 18,816,000

First Issued: May 27, 1958

Redeemed: May 26, 1961

Value In Very Low Grades: $1

Value In Perfect Condition: $5

If you have a series 541 five cent military payment certificate and you are looking to find out its value, then you really just need to focus on the serial number. If it begins and ends with the letter F then it will be extremely common. However, if it begins with F and ends with just a number, then you have what is known as a replacement note. Replacements are much rarer and usually worth about 100 times more than standard issues. You also might want to look out for low serial numbers. A low serial number (under 100) on a series 541 five cent MPC would also command a nice premium. Contact us if you need help finding the value of your MPC.

Want to Sell Your MPC Currency? We can’t help you value your military payment certificates over the phone. However, if you send us pictures of what you have then we will respond back quickly with some accurate values. We are also buyers in most cases.