Value of Series 611 $1 Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 611 One Dollar MPC

Type: Series 611

Denomination: One Dollar

Number of Notes Printed: 10,640,000

First Issued: January 6, 1964

Redeemed: April 28, 1969

Value In Very Low Grades: $2

Value In Perfect Condition: $40

Series 611 one dollar military payment certificates were printed and circulated for more than five years. A print run over ten million gives you a pretty good indication that these aren’t rare today and they probably never will be rare. They make neat curiosity items, but they are definitely not show stoppers. We would be happy to help you value your note. Just send us pictures of what you have and we can go from there.

Want to Sell Your MPC Currency? We can’t help you value your military payment certificates over the phone. However, if you send us pictures of what you have then we will respond back quickly with some accurate values. We are also buyers in most cases.