Value of Series 611 5 Cent Military Payment Certificate

Value of Series 611 Five Cents MPC

Type: Series 611

Denomination: Five Cents

Number of Notes Printed: 9,408,000

First Issued: January 6, 1964

Redeemed: April 28, 1969

Value In Very Low Grades: $1

Value In Perfect Condition: $10

If you have been using our MPC guide much then you know that we always talk about keeping an eye out for replacement notes. Replacements are military payment certificates that don’t have a letter at the end of the serial number. Well by some fluke, hundreds of series 611 five cent replacement MPCs were saved. A replacement note generally sells for about 50 to 100 times more than regular issues. That is not true here for 611 5 cent notes. There is still a premium for a replacement, but these are readily available in choice uncirculated grades for right around $100. So if the serial number starts with an H and ends with a number then it is a replacement, but it is not especially valuable.

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