Old Money from The Citizens National Bank Of Portales | 8364

The Citizens National Bank Of Portales

The Citizens National Bank Of Portales in New Mexico printed $108,320 dollars worth of national currency. That is a small output. National bank notes from here should be scarce. This national bank opened in 1906 and stopped printing money in 1910, which equals a 5 year printing period. That is obviously a very short period of time. During its life, The Citizens National Bank Of Portales issued 2 different types and denominations of national currency. We have examples of the types listed below. Your bank note should look similar. Just the bank name will be different. For the record, The Citizens National Bank Of Portales was located in Roosevelt County. It was assigned charter number 8364.

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The Citizens National Bank Of Portales in New Mexico printed 2,125 sheets of $10 1902 territorial red seal national bank notes. Many territorial banks had outputs in the 2,000 to 4,000 range. This denomination and type was the most prolifically issued territorial note. Some can be quite rare. There is a hierarchy in terms of rarity. Red seals from Hawaii are the absolute rarest. In fact, none from Hawaii are currently known to exist. Ten dollar red seals from Porto Rico are also extremely rare, as are red seals from Alaska. The average collector is most likely to encounter red seals from Arizona, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. There were far more territorial banks in Oklahoma during the red seal period than any other state, so notes from Oklahoma are the most common. However, most all red seals should be worth more than $10,000, and sometimes considerably more. William McKinley is pictured on the left hand side of each bill. The number under McKinley is the bank serial number. If that number is #1, then you can expect an additional premium on the value.
1902 $10 Red Seal Territorial National Bank Note

The Citizens National Bank Of Portales printed 583 sheets of $10 1902 territorial blue seal national bank notes. A print run under 1,000 will get the attention of most people. Combine that with a territorial and you have a real winner. Common isn’t the right word, but the ten dollar bill is the most “available” denomination of 1902 blue seal territorial notes. There are currently around 30 1902 $10 blue seals known to exist from all territories. You can take the number of sheets printed for this bank, and multiply that by three to get the exact number of $10 notes printed for this type. Each note of course has the portrait of William McKinley on the left hand side. The charter number and overprint are both in blue ink. The number below McKinley is the serial number as it relates to the bank (and it is usually very low). The serial number in the upper right is the treasury serial number which is normally about six digits long. Typically when collectors hear territorial blue seal we think about New Mexico and Arizona. Both of those states printed such notes until each became a state in 1912. However, we also have to remember that all blue seals printed by Hawaii, Alaska, and Porto Rico fit the bill as well since all of their issues were of course issued before statehood.
1902 $10 Blue Seal Territorial National Bank Note

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