Old Money from The First National Bank Utica | 120

The First National Bank Utica

The First National Bank Utica in New York printed $20,000 dollars worth of national currency. Very few banks in the country issued less than $25,000 face value of national bank notes. Currency from this bank should be very rare. This national bank opened in 1863 and stopped printing money in 1865, which equals a 3 year printing period. That means that money from this bank was not entering circulation very often. During its life, The First National Bank Utica issued 1 single type and denomination of national currency We have examples of the types listed below. Your bank note should look similar. Just the bank name will be different. For the record, The First National Bank Utica was located in Oneida County. It was assigned charter number 120.

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The First National Bank Utica in New York issued 500 sheets of $10 original series national bank notes. Any issue of less than 1,000 sheets should be considered extremely scarce. The survival rate for that output is miniscule at best. Rarities like this are of extremely high interest to us. These notes were issued during the glory days of the national bank note era. Each $10 bill was pen signed by the president and cashier of the bank. Small towns and large cities both issued these notes. Of course the small town issuers tend to be scarcer today. Prices range from $500 to thousands of dollars (and more if the condition and rarity warrant it). Contact us if you need help valuing your bank note.
Original Series $10 National Bank Note

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