How Much Is A 1868 $5 Bill Worth?

Five dollar bills from 1868 can be rare. They are a type of national currency. These $5 bills from 1868 are part of a group of notes known as first charter national bank notes. The year 1868 should be the only year printed on the bill. Each bill has a spiked red seal and the name of a national bank. These are valued based on their condition and serial number. In 1868 five dollars was the same as $352.80 today. Very few people could afford to keep five dollars in 1868 as a curiosity item. For that reason and due to small printings, a lot of 1868 five dollar bills are scarce to rare.

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Remember: 1868 five dollar bills with the serial number one, or bills that are in perfect condition, should be worth more money than generic bills.

The following banks printed 1868 $5 bills:

  • Charter 1678 – Union Stock Yards National Bank of Chicago, Illinois
  • Charter 1684 – Pacific National Bank of Council Bluffs, Iowa
  • Charter 1687 – Farmers National Bank of Bangor, Maine
  • Charter 1683 – First National Bank of Mankato, Minnesota
  • Charter 1683 – First National Bank & Trust Company of Mankato, Minnesota
  • Charter 1686 – First National Bank of Faribault, Minnesota
  • Charter 1677 – Greene County National Bank of Springfield, Missouri
  • Charter 1688 – First National Bank of Hillsborough, New Hampshire
  • Charter 1681 – Princeton National Bank, New Jersey
  • Charter 1682 – State National Bank of Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Charter 1676 – First National Bank of Honeybrook, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 1685 – First National Bank of Sharon, Pennsylvania
  • Charter 1680 – Carolina National Bank of Columbia, South Carolina