How Much Is A 1869 $5 Bill Worth?

Five dollar bills from 1869 are often very rare. They are technically called national currency by collectors. These $5 bills from 1869 are part of a group of notes known as first charter national bank notes. The year 1869 should be the only year printed on the bill. Each bill has a spiked red seal and the name of a national bank. These are valued based on their condition and serial number. In 1869 five dollars was equivalent to $342.53 today. Most people couldn’t afford to tie up five dollars in 1869 for no reason. Because of that and due to small printing numbers, most 1869 five dollar bills are scarce to rare.

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Remember: 1869 five dollar bills with the serial number one, or bills that are in perfect condition, should be worth more money than generic bills.

The following banks issued 1869 $5 bills:

  • Charter 1693 – National Bank of Commerce of Chicago, Illinois
  • Charter 1696 – First National Bank of Leon, Iowa
  • Charter 1694 – National Bank of Lebanon, Kentucky
  • Charter 1690 – First National Bank of Austin, Minnesota
  • Charter 1691 – Union Square National Bank of New York, New York
  • Charter 1689 – Ohio National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Charter 1692 – First National Bank of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Charter 1695 – First National Bank of Utah, Utah