How Much Is A 1867 $10 Bill Worth?

Some ten dollar bills from 1867 have the chance to be very rare. As with any national currency, the value of an 1867 $10 note is based mostly on which national bank issued it. We have a list below of all the national banks that printed 1867 ten dollar notes. The condition of the bank note is always important. Sometimes the serial number can add a significant premium as well. Some sell for as little as a few hundred dollars. Others can have a value well into the thousands. Please remember that 1867 is only the charter date. The bill could have actually been printed as late as 1887. Some ten dollar bills from 1867 can have “Series of 1875” written on them. Once again, that year does not necessarily correlate to when the bill was issued. The reason these bills are so rare is because ten dollars was a lot of money in 1867. That is the same as $1,518.06 today, after you adjust for inflation! You can see why so few 1867 $10 bills still exist. They were incredibly expensive to save.

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Here is a list of banks that printed ten dollar bills in 1867:

  • Charter 1668 – First National Bank of Idaho, Idaho (Boise)
  • Charter 1671 – Citizens National Bank of Davenport, Iowa
  • Charter 1672 – First National Bank of Atchison, Kansas
  • Charter 1675 – National Security Bank of Boston, Massachusetts
  • Charter 1667 – State National Bank of Saint Joseph, Missouri
  • Charter 1674 – Kearsarge National Bank of Warner, New Hampshire
  • Charter 1670 – Ilion National Bank, New York
  • Charter 1670 – Ilion National Bank & Trust Company of Ilion, New York
  • Charter 1666 – Cleveland National Bank, Tennessee
  • Charter 1669 – Fourth National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee
  • Charter 1669 – Fourth & First National Bank of Nashville, Tennessee
  • Charter 1673 – National Bank of Royalton, Vermont