Federal Reserve Note – 1914 Blue Seal – Twenty Dollars

The series of 1914 $20 federal reserve note is the most common large size twenty dollar bill printed by The United States. Tens of millions were printed. These specific notes were printed by all twelve federal reserve banks. Most all of them are worth about $60 in average condition. Things like tears, stains, holes, ink, etc. will all lower the value to less than $50. Notes in perfect condition with no folds are worth more than $200. You can see that condition is very important when dealing with these bills. The serial number can also be important. If the number is under 100 then it will be in higher demand by serial number collectors. If the serial number ends with a star symbol then the $20 bill will be worth more money because it will appeal to star collectors. However, 99% of the time the serial number won’t matter and it will be all about the condition.  For the record, these bills also say 1913 on them.  That does not affect the value.

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