Federal Reserve Note – 1914 Red Seal – Twenty Dollars

Red seal $20 federal reserve notes have the chance to be rare. They are valued based on their condition and issuing district. The issuing district can be determined by reading the federal seal on the left hand side of the note. The first letter of the serial number also tells you the district. Furthermore, there are some other varieties that can make some $20 red seals more valuable than others. However, 80% of the time condition is all that matters. The red seals and serial numbers on these notes tend to lose color over time. So a bright red overprint is always preferred. Collectors expect the paper to be crisp and mostly white. Things like rust, stains, writing, ink, tears, etc. will all lower the value of a note. A serial number under 100 is considered especially desirable to a certain subset of collectors. Grover Cleveland is featured on all 1914 $20 red seals. Remember that red seals are always better than blue seals. Prices range from a $200 to thousands for very rare examples.

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