Gold Certificate – 1882 – Twenty Dollars

Most twenty dollar gold certificates from 1882 are going to be common or very rare. If there was ever a series where the signatures and seal type matter, this is it. One 1882 $20 gold note might be worth $500 and another bill that looks almost identical could be worth $50,000. We strongly recommend that you contact us if you have an 1882 $20 bill. You need to have an expert evaluate it. The design of the notes across all fr numbers is basically the same. James Garfield is on the right hand side of the note and there are various mentions of the note being a gold certificate, etc. Common examples in circulated condition are worth a few hundred dollars. The condition is always important any time you are dealing with old United States currency.

If you have an 1882 $20 gold certificate, please tell us about it. Even if you aren’t looking to sell we can still advise on the value. And if you are looking to sell then we can give you our best offer.