How Much Is A 1869 $20 Bill Worth?

All twenty dollar bills from 1869 have a chance to be rare and expensive. The factors that affect the price are the issuing bank, serial number, and condition. All $20 national bank notes from 1869 started at serial number one. If your note is the #1 note then it will be worth a significant premium. All rare money is valued based on its condition. Twenty dollar bills in perfect condition are worth more than the same note in lesser condition. For every three ten dollar bills a national bank printed, it only issued one $20 bill. That fact makes most 1869 twenty dollar bills comparatively rare. Sadly, they don’t always trade at a premium with most dealers. However, we recognize the rarity and pay up because they are scarce. 1869 $20 bills are few and far between today because twenty dollars then is the equivalent to $2050 today. Paper money didn’t really become collectible until the 1960s. So there was really no incentive to save a $20 bill.

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These national banks issued 1869 $20 bills:

  • Charter 1693 – National Bank of Commerce of Chicago, Illinois
  • Charter 1696 – First National Bank of Leon, Iowa
  • Charter 1694 – National Bank of Lebanon, Kentucky
  • Charter 1690 – First National Bank of Austin, Minnesota
  • Charter 1691 – Union Square National Bank of New York, New York
  • Charter 1689 – Ohio National Bank of Cleveland, Ohio
  • Charter 1692 – First National Bank of Murfreesboro, Tennessee
  • Charter 1695 – First National Bank of Utah, Utah