National Currency – 1902 Blue Seal – Twenty Dollars

The series of 1902 twenty dollar blue seal national bank note is one of our favorites. These were issued by national banks in all fifty states and even in Puerto Rico as well. Some examples are worth $60, others can be worth thousands. The factors that determine the value are the serial number, the condition, and the bank of issue. Notes from banks that were in large cities likely issued many more notes than a bank in a town that had a population of 1,000. Therefore, bills from small banks tend to be rarer than notes from big banks. One quick tip is that if the charter number (the big blue number) is over 10,000, then there is a decent chance that your bill is rare. However, charters under 10,000 certainly could be rare. Despite saying series of 1902, these $20 bills were actually printed between 1908 and 1928. No matter what you have, we would strongly recommend that you contact us.

We are aggressive buyers and routinely pay thousands of dollars for the rarest and best 1902 $20 blue seal notes. Give us a chance to make an offer your bill. – (864) 430-4020