Silver Certificate – 1886 & 1891 – Twenty Dollars

Most people associate the word silver certificate with the common one and five dollar bills that we happen up on in circulation once a decade. However, back in 1886 the United States was introduced to a truly beautiful $20 silver certificate known as a diamond back or ornate back. It was a totally new design from the priors images used for 1878 and 1880 examples. Today 1886 $20 silver certificates are really scarce and worth thousands of dollars. The 1891 series is extremely similar. The backs changed and so did the seal and serial number colors. 1891 $20 silvers are not as rare. Both notes are nicknamed as Manning notes. The nickname is simple; Daniel Manning is featured on the front of each bill.

We have a special connection to Manning notes and we are always looking to purchase new ones. If you send us some scans or digital photos of your twenty dollar silver certificate then we would be more than happy to make our best offer. – (864) 430-4020