Treasury Note – 1890 & 1891 – Twenty Dollars

Twenty dollar treasury notes were printed for 1890 and 1891. These are sometimes referred to as coin notes. The portrait on the left hand side of the bill is John Marshall. He is one of the few men featured on paper money who is almost exclusively known for his role in the judicial side of our government. Both 1891 and 1890 examples look fairly similar (with the exception of seal colors and types). However, $20 bills from 1890 are almost always extremely rare. The backs of bills from 1890 are a vivid green with an ornate overprint. Because of that overprint, these are sometimes called ornate backs. There was a time when 1891 $20 treasury notes were also rare. A hoard was discovered about a decade ago and that brought the price down significantly. With that said, no matter what year you have, you should still expect more than $1,000.

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