Antique treasury notes are great finds, but unfortunately, while they are legal tender, they really are only worth face value, plus a small interest. This means that if you have a stockpile of notes hidden under your mattress for the right moment where you finally decide to get rid of them, they may not be worth what you think they are, particularly if they are antique, but this is not necessarily a bad notion.

Most treasury notes incur interest, but only to a certain amount. Today, we have treasury notes available that incur interest (or mature) for up to 30 years and accrue no more interest beyond that, but some antique treasury notes do not garner as much value as their contemporary counterparts. So it would seem that they are truly only worth the paper on which they are printed, though this may not be the case with your collectibles.

Selling Your Treasury Notes

The great news is that many treasury notes are collectors’ items. You may want to check with your local bank to see what the note is worth first before preceding to sell it. In addition, to get top dollar, you must ensure that the treasury note is in pristine condition and also determine its rarity. The more scarce the treasury note, the more profit you can make on it. Research your note online to see prices for comparable pieces. In many cases, the rarity of the note makes it more valuable than what you could get from trading it in at a bank, if they would even take it from you.

Always make sure to get an appraisal, so you can get an idea of what you have, as well as what you may be offered for it from someone. While you may not actually go home with that full appraisal amount, it will give you a negotiating point from which you can start.  Just like when finding a fence installer in Greenville, SC or elsewhere.

There are a few solutions when it comes to choosing the method in which to sell your money. There can be risks with auction houses, and selling it online through an auction site yourself can result in making less than it is actually worth. To get the best value for your collectibles, you should look into an experienced company in Antique Money Buyers. Antique Money Buyers is a top online marketplace for paper money, and they are known for their rare currency and coinage sales. The expert team at Antique Money Buyers will help ensure your collectibles are valued for being just that – just with someone else who will continue to appreciate it.