Value of $1 Legal Tender Note

$1 Red Seal Legal Tenders

Large size legal tender notes were printed for many different years.  The images below are just a sampling of the major design types.  Salmon Chase is the only person to appear on a one dollar legal tender note besides George Washington.  Legal tender $1 bills were issued for the small size era for just one year, 1928.  I am an interested buyer of all one dollar notes.  I am especially looking for low serial numbers and high grade examples.  If you have something for sale or if you are just curious, please ask.

The one dollar bill pictured above can be from either 1862 or 1863.  Salmon P Chase is pictured on the left hand side of each bill.  If your bill has the serial number 40617, then you have a reproduction.  All other serial numbers are likely authentic and collectible.

Series of 1869 notes were the first one dollar bills The United States issued that had an image of George Washington.  The 1869 series is special because it was printed on special toned paper.  Collectors refer to these as rainbow notes.  All serial numbers from the rainbow series end with a star symbol.

One dollar bills from 1874, 1875, 1878, and 1880 all look very similar.  The notes are signed by different people and feature different seals and serial numbers depending on the issue.  There are some rare notes scattered into all the different varieties.  Contact me for details.

The series of 1917 $1 bill is extremely common.  These can be bought in perfect condition for around $200.  Heavily circulated examples sometimes sell for as little as $20 or $30.

I personally really like series of 1923 $1 legal tender notes.  The red overprint is a striking contrast to the blue seal and serial number found on silver certificates from the same year with the same design.  The note pictured above would be worth about $600 in that condition.  Heavily circulated notes are worth less than $100.  Notes with serial numbers under 1000 are plentiful, as are high grade star notes.

The series of 1928 red seal was the only one dollar legal tender note that was issued.  Surprisingly, these were saved by the hundreds and they are readily available today in perfect condition for about $300.  If the serial number on your note begins with a star symbol then you have a real rarity.