Value of $10 Gold Certificate

$10 Gold Certificates

The ten dollar gold certificate was only issued for three years, 1907, 1922, and 1928.  Examples of each type can be bought in circulated condition for around $100.  However, there are many factors that can make them worth more money.  If you have a $10 gold certificate, send me an email with pictures and tell me what you have.

The $10 gold certificate seen above is from 1907.  The slightly more common large size ten dollar gold certificate from 1922 has the exact same design, but with minor serial number and wording differences.  There is a portrait of the now obscure politician Michael Hillegas in the center of the bill.  We have a full guide for 1922 $10 gold certificates.

Series of 1928 $10 gold certificates are very common.  Most examples can be purchased for around $50 in circulated condition.  This is the first year that Alexander Hamilton was shown on the $10 bill.  If the serial number is lower than 1000 or begins with a star symbol then it will be worth more money.