Value of $10 Legal Tender Note

$10 Red Seal Legal Tenders

The ten dollar legal tender series is a great area to collect.  There are rare notes and there are common notes.  You can buy a poker chip, bison, and jackass.  It is also possible to collect this series on a budget.  If you have questions about how to value your $10 bill, just ask.

The first legal tender ten dollar bills looked exactly like demand notes.  These early notes aren’t flashy like later notes, so they aren’t quite as popular.  However, they will always command more money.  Abraham Lincoln is show on the note above, which can be from either 1862 or 1863.

1869 ten dollar bills are known as jackass rainbows by collectors.  The rainbow part comes from the colored paper.  If you turn the note upside down and look at the eagle it magically turns into a vignette that looks a lot like the head of a donkey.  These notes are available in choice uncirculated condition starting at about $3,500.  Circulated examples are worth far less.

The ten dollar note shown above is the type design used for 1875, 1878, and 1880 notes.  As with the earlier notes, these are nicknamed jackass notes.  Daniel Webster is pictured on the left hand side of each bill.  These are available in uncirculated condition for around $1,500.  Hundreds of these are available in high grades.

Now here is an iconic design.  The 1901 $10 legal tender note is typically called a bison by collectors.  Some people call them Lewis and Clark notes.  Whatever you call them, they are popular.  These are available for a few hundred dollars in circulated condition.  Nice examples are more expensive.

One of the most popular pieces of United States currency is the series of 1923 ten dollar legal tender note.  These are called poker chip notes by collectors.  The nickname derives from the fact that the back of each note appears to have a classic casino poker chip as part of the engraving.  Andrew Jackson is pictured front and center on each bill. These notes aren’t exceptionally rare, but they are popular.  This was a one year design.