Value of $10 Silver Certificate

$10 Silver Certificates

Ten dollar silver certificates were first printed in 1878.  Production ended with the series of 1953B note.  During that time several different designs were used.  The basic elements to those designs are seen below.  If you have a $10 silver certificate you need help with or want to sell, just ask.  I am always available to help and make my offer.

The earliest ten dollar silver certificates were printed in 1878.  The 1880 issue looks almost exactly the same.  However, some seal types and colors are slightly different.  Robert Morris is pictured on both bills.  Circulated examples of the 1880 variety are available several times a year.  1878 tens are much more difficult to purchase.

The type of note pictured above is a very popular collector note known as a tombstone.  These can be from 1886, 1891, and 1908.  As you might expect, the older $10 silver certificates are the most valuable.  The seal color and placement can be different than what is seen above.  Hendricks is the central figure.  Contact me for exact pricing.

The type design for the $10 silver certificate seen above was used for both 1933 and 1934 examples.  The 1934 notes can be from 1934A, 1934B, 1934C, as well as 1934D.  The 1933 ten dollar bill is very rare, especially as a star note or in high grades.  Alexander Hamilton is the central figure on all small size ten dollar silver certificates.

The 1953 $10 silver certificate is a one year type design.  1953A and 1953B notes were also issued.  In most circumstances these sell for around $25.