Value of $100 Gold Certificates

$100 Gold Certificates

One Hundred dollar gold certificates from the 1920s are available and affordable.  Most $100 gold notes from the 19th century are extremely rare (with the exception of some 1882 notes).  Gold certificates were a favorite type of currency for the general public to use.  Early examples traded heavily and wore out quickly.  If you have a $100 gold certificate.  Please tell me about it.  I am likely an interested buyer.

The 1863 $100 gold certificate above with the perched eagle is very rare.  These were all printed and issued while The Civil War was still being fought.

The design of the $100 gold certificate above was used for both 1922 and 1882 issues.  It shows a portrait of Thomas Hart Benton on the left hand side of the note.  The very earliest 1882 issues are quite rare.  The later 1882 notes are available.  You can tell which type you have based on the signature combination.  All 1922 examples were signed by Speelman and White.  They will cost at least several hundred dollars.

1928 $100 gold certificates are very common.  They can be bought for as little as $250.  The condition and serial number of each note is very important.  If the serial number begins with a star symbol, or is less than 1000, then expect a nice premium.  Benjamin Franklin is at the center of each bill.  The serial number will always end with the letter A.  The overprint is in gold ink.