Value of $100 Legal Tender Note

$100 Red Seal Legal Tenders

Legal tender $100 bills were printed as early as 1862 and as late as 1966.  The large size notes of this type are extremely scarce and the small size notes are extremely common.  If you need help valuing your bill, just ask.  I would be happy to give my opinion.

1862 $100 legal tender notes feature the famous spread eagle design.  These notes are available a couple times of year.  However, they are almost always found in heavily circulated condition.  These are the first one hundred dollar bills of any type that were ever issued by The United States.

The design type you see above was used for 1869, 1875, 1878, and 1880 one hundred dollar bills.  Abraham Lincoln is shown the left hand side of the bill.  These are notes are difficult to locate.  However, there are still enough to be collectible.  Contact me if you need pricing help.

Small size legal tender notes were issued in 1966 and 1966A.  Both types sell for about $125 in average condition.  If your serial number begins with a star symbol then the note will be worth more.  Average condition star notes sell for about $350 and go up from there based on condition.  Benjamin Franklin is shown on the front of all small size $100 bills.