Value of $1000 Gold Certificate

$1000 Gold Certificates

There are two types of $1,000 gold certificates, both large size and small size notes were issued.  The large sized examples are from 1882, 1907, and 1922.  The small size specimens were only printed for 1928.  All large sized $1,000 gold certificates are extremely scarce.  You can use the descriptions below to get some basic information.  However, if you own one of these notes then I would recommend that you contact me for exact pricing based on the condition and series.

The gold certificate pictured above is from the series of 1882.  There is a portrait of Alexander Hamilton on the right hand side of the bill.  These bills are extremely scarce.  Less than 30 are known to exist across several signature combinations and designs.

The $1,000 gold certificate you see above is the design used for both 1907 and 1922.  These are the “affordable” notes in the series.  And by affordable I mean that these are available a few times a year for less than $50,000.

The only small sized $1,000 gold certificate was issued for 1928.  Unlike the earlier $1,000 bills which have a portrait of Alexander Hamilton, the 1928 notes have a portrait of Grover Cleveland.  These notes can be bought for less than $10,000 in circulated condition.