Value of $1000 Legal Tender Note

Large size legal tender one thousand dollar bills are prohibitively rare.  They were only issued from 1862 until 1880.  These really didn’t become collectible until the 1950s.  So despite being old, it took these notes at least 70 years to become worth more than face value.  You can understand why most were simply redeemed.  However, if you are lucky enough to have on of these notes, please tell me about it.  I am a buyer.

The 1862 $1000 bill shown above was one of the first pieces of United States currency to ever sell for more than one million dollars.

I had an image of this one thousand dollar bill on my first business cards.  I just really liked the whole layout.  Christopher Columbus is seated on left hand side of the bill where is he studying a map.  The design type was used for 1869, 1878, and 1880.