Value of $10,000 Gold Certificate

There are only two types of $10,000 gold certificates.  One type was issued in 1882 and it is a super rarity.  The other type is from 1900 and it is relatively common.  Andrew Jackson is featured on the left hand side of each note.  Read more about each note below.  If I can help answer any questions about values or selling, please ask.

There are only two series of 1882 $10,000 gold certificates (as seen above) known to exist.  Needless to say, the discovery of a third example would be a significant and very valuable find.  

The series of 1900 $10,000 gold certificate is actually collectible.  All of these specimens had been redeemed.  However, there was a fire at a treasury storage building and these notes were thrown out into the street and anyone passing by could just pick them up.  There is no face value to these because they have all been canceled.  They do have a collector value though.  I often hear of people trying to claim that because there is no water mark or a light cancellation mark that their note should be more valuable.  That is simply not true.  All $10,000 gold certificates from 1900 get their value based purely on the condition of each note.