Value of 1861 Demand Notes

1861 Green Seal Demand Notes

The issuance of demand notes was the first step by United States into the world of paper money.  Only three denominations were issued; those being the five, ten, and twenty.  These are collectible today.  However, high grade specimens are virtually non-existent.  There are some counterfeit demand notes circulating.  Please contact me if you would like my free opinion and offer on your money.

Due to the fact that the five dollar bill was the lowest denomination issued, today it is the most available.  In fact, the term green back derives from this specific type of paper money.  Obviously the term has stood the test of time.

Ten Dollar demand notes are difficult to locate.  It is interesting to note that Abraham Lincoln was shown on the left hand side of each bill.  He was still in office at the time these were circulating.  It was later made illegal to have an image of a living person on United States money.

The above pictured twenty dollar demand note is by far the scarcest of the three denominations.  These are fairly plain looking, so it isn’t the most popular piece of United States money.  However, when they are available, they are expensive.