Value of 1914 Blue Seal Federal Reserve Notes

1914 Blue Seal Federal Reserve Notes

Blue seal and serial number 1914 Federal Reserve notes are some of the most common types of large size currency, especially for the five, ten, and twenty dollar denominations.  Any time you are dealing with a common note, condition becomes very important.  I would be happy to answer any questions you have related to your series of 1914 note.  I am a buyer of high grade notes, high denomination notes, and star notes.  Please offer.

Series of 1914 $5 blue seals are typically worth about $50 in circulated condition if they don’t have any problems like rust, stains, tears, holes, missing pieces, etc.  Abraham Lincoln is shown each note.

Andrew Jackson ten dollar bills are worth about $55 if problem and with average circulation.  If your bill happens to have a serial number under 100 or a serial number that ends with a star symbol, then it will command a premium.

You can purchase a nice looking lightly circulated 1914 $20 blue seal with Grover Cleveland for about $60.

Series of 1914 $50 bills start at about $100 if they are heavily circulated.  Prices can go up from there based on factors like the condition, issuing district, and serial number.  Ulysses Grant is on the front of each note.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Despite all the new one hundred dollar bills we see today, one thing has stay the same since 1914, Benjamin Franklin.  1914 was the first year he mas his appearance on the $100 bill.  He had previously been featured on other bills.

The five hundred dollar denomination 1914 Federal Reserve note is considerably scarcer than the smaller denominations printed before it.  John Marshall is pictured at the center of each bill.  These bills are always worth at least a few thousand dollars and sometimes much more (depending on condition).

Alexander Hamilton is shown at the front center of each 1914 one thousand dollar bill.  There are a couple hundred of these notes known to exist.  Despite that high number, these still command lots of money when they are available.

First off, if the serial number on your 1914 $5000 bill is G1A, then what you have is a reproduction.  There are only a handful of these known to exist and all of them are in institutional collections.  There are lots of fakes floating around.  James Madison is pictured at the center of each bill.

If your 1914 $10,000 bill has the serial number B420A, then you have a reproduction.  The authentic B420A is in a museum.  Salmon Chase is on the front of all of these bills.  None are currently held outside of government collections.