Value of $2 Legal Tender Note

$2 Red Seal Legal Tenders

Two dollar legal tender notes can be collected in a lot of different ways.  You can focus on star notes, serial numbers, signature combinations, or different design types.  If you need help valuing your two dollar bill, please ask.  I would be happy to share my opinion.

Thomas Jefferson was pictured on all two dollar bills.  The earliest two dollar legal tender notes are from 1862, as shown above.

All legal tender notes from 1869 are called rainbow notes because of the multi-colored paper these were printed on.

1874, 1875, and 1878 two dollar bills have a distinctive red overprint.  Notes from these years can be very difficult to locate.

Series of 1880 and 1917 legal tender notes look very similar.  However, the 1917 $2 bills are extremely common.  Nice looking examples can be bought for about $50.  1880 notes can have red or blue serial numbers.

The first small size two dollar notes were issued in 1928.  These are really only collectible in perfect condition or as star notes.  Regular circulation notes from 1928 are only worth about $5.  Some star notes are very rare though.

1953 and 1963 $2 bills are extremely common.  I understand how they might seem rare an exotic to a non-collector.  However, you can buy these all day for around $3 each.  Please don’t call about red seal two dollar bills from 1953 or 1963.