Value of $2 Silver Certificate

$2 Silver Certificates

Large Size two dollar silver certificates were only issued during the 19th century.  There were no small size $2 silver certificates ever issued.  There are four different design types, each of which is unique for the year.  It is fun and rewarding to put together a type set of $2 notes.  If you need help with the value of your specific note, just ask.  I would be happy to tell you what I know and give you my offer.

The two dollar note shown above is from 1886.  These are called Hancock notes in the collecting community because each note features a portrait of General Hancock.  1886 $2 silver certificates are available in both high and low grades.

Series of 1891 $2 silver certificates feature a portrait of Windom at the center of each bill.  As you guessed, collectors call these Windom notes.  Don’t confuse the 1891 $2 treasury note with the silver certificate.  They are from the same year with the same denomination.  The note pictured above is really tough to locate in high grades, but it is relatively common in low grades.

The 1896 $2 silver certificate is on a lot of collectors’ want lists.  This is the middle denomination in the ever popular educational series.  While these may look plain at first glance, the actual quality of the artwork and engraving is spectacular.  It is easy to see why people like these.

The 1899 $2 silver certificate pictured above is nicknamed the mini-porthole by collectors.  This name comes from the fact that it appears that George Washington is looking through the porthole of a ship.  1899 twos are the most common large size silver certificate for the denomination.  These can be bought for less than $100 in heavily circulation condition.  High grade examples are of course worth much more.