Value of $20 Gold Certificate

$20 Gold Certificates

Twenty dollar gold certificates go from the exceptionally rare 1863 issues to the more than common 1928 small size notes.  No matter what you have, I would love to hear about it.  I am interested buyer of both common and rare $20 gold certificates.  Please offer.

The 1863 $20 gold certificate shown above is a true rarity.  These were the first twenty dollar gold certificates that were ever issued by the United States.  The back is a very deep and rich orange color.

Despite saying series of 1882, most James Garfield notes were actually printed well past that date.  The ones that were printed closets to 1882 are actually very scarce.  However, the majority of the ones that are found today are common and worth a few hundred to a couple a thousand dollars.

Don’t confuse the 1905 $20 gold certificate (shown above) with the much more common 1906 and 1922 examples.  The 1905 example is called the Technicolor note by collectors because of its multicolored background and dark red seal and serial numbers.  These aren’t exceptionally rare, but they are very popular.

The design type shown above was used for both series of 1906 and series of 1922 $20 gold certificates.  The 1922 is by far the most common large size twenty gold certificate available today.  1906s are slightly tougher.  However, heavily circulated examples of both issue can be bought for less than $100.

The small size $20 gold certificate was only issued for 1928.  Like other twenty dollar bills from the same year, this one shows a portrait of Andrew Jackson in the center of the bill.  Circulated examples sell for around $60, high grade specimens are worth a multiple of that price.  Any note that has a serial number below 100 or begins with a star symbol has a chance to be worth more money.