Value of $20 Legal Tender Note

$20 Red Seal Legal Tenders

Legal tender twenty dollar bills are really not hotly collected.  The series does not present a lot of eye appeal or much of a challenge.  If you need help valuing your note, please ask.

The earliest twenty dollar legal tender notes were printed on very weak paper.  Most examples found today are in circulated or restored condition.  The dates of 1862 and 1863 will be found on these bills.

The twenty dollar note shown above was the first of several very similar designs to be used by The United States for legal tender notes.  It is from 1869 and it has the nickname of a rainbow note.

Despite saying series of 1880, these twenty dollar notes were actually printed as late as 1910.  In fact, some signature combinations even issued star notes (which happen to be scarce).  Alexander Hamilton is on the left hand side of each bill.  This is the same design that was used for $20s bills printed in the 1870s.