Value of $20 Silver Certificate

$20 Silver Certificates

Silver certificates were only issued for the twenty dollar denomination in four different years.  These years were 1878, 1880, 1886, and 1891.  The first two years have a similar design and the last two years have a similar design.  The basic design layouts can be seen below.  Don’t forget that I am buying.  Please let me know what you have available.

The man with the mustache on the note pictured above is Daniel Manning.  Consequentially, $20 silver certificates from 1886 and 1891 are known as Manning notes.  The 1886 has a rich green back and it is sometimes called a diamond back note.  The 1891 type can have a very different seal.  So the notes are similar, but they aren’t exactly the same.  We have a full guide for 1891 $20 silver certificates.

The twenty dollar silver certificate seen above is from 1878 and 1880.  There are some slight design variations related to the seal color and placement.  However, the basic design is the same.  Stephen Decatur is pictured on the right hand side of each bill.