Value of $5 Legal Tender Note

$5 Red Seal Legal Tenders

The five dollar legal tender series is rather uneventful.  There were just three different type designs during a 101 year issuance period.  All legal tender notes have a red seal for the five dollar denomination.  If you need help valuing your $5 bill, just ask.

The earliest five dollar legal tender notes were issued for the series of 1862.  These notes could also have the year 1863 printed on them.  These issues are very common in circulated condition.

1869 was the first year that “woodchopper” notes were issued.  The note shown above is from the rainbow series.

The most common large size legal tender $5 bill is from the series of 1907.  1907 $5 bills are available today for around $50 in heavily circulated condition.  Things like serial number and signature combination can make some worth more than others.  The nickname woodchopper comes from the central scene showing a pioneer and his family.  The man is holding an ax, hence, woodchopper.

1928 was the first year that small size red seal fives were issued.  Each note has a red seal on the left hand side of the bill.  There is a portrait of Abraham Lincoln at the center of each note.  If your serial number begins with a star symbol then it has a chance to be rare.

1953 and 1963 $5 red seals are very common.  Please do not ask about them.  I sell them for around $7 each.  Even star notes and notes in perfect condition usually aren’t worth the trouble of trying to sell.