Value of $50 Legal Tender Note

$50 Red Seal Legal Tenders

The last large size fifty dollar legal tender note was printed in 1880.  There were three completely different design types used between 1862 and 1880.  The most valuable note (all things equal) will usually be the 1869 example.  If you need help valuing your fifty dollar bill, please let me know.  If you send pictures of your note I can give my opinion.

The fifty dollar bill shown above can have the year 1862 or 1863 printed on it.  You can tell from the dates that these were printed during the Civil War.  When these are available they are usually heavily circulated.  Thomas Jefferson is featured at the center of each bill.

The series of 1869 $50 bill is a completely unique design.  All of these notes have a serial number that begins with the letter Y and ends with a star symbol, the ink is in blue.  These notes were printed on two toned paper.  Collectors call all notes from 1869 rainbow notes.

1874, 1875, and 1878 fifty dollar bills have the letter L overprinted in red in two different places.  

Series of 1880 fifty dollar bills look similar to other earlier issues, except that they don’t have the L overprint.  Benjamin Franklin is shown on the left hand side of each bill.  These are collectible in all grades.  However, be ready to spend a couple thousand dollars or more.