Value of $500 Gold Certificate

$500 Gold Certificates

There are only two types of $500 gold certificates.  The large sized notes all have a portrait of Abraham Lincoln.  The small size notes all have a portrait of William McKinley.  If you have a $500 gold certificate you would like to sell or just want a value on, please ask.

The five hundred dollar gold certificate pictured above is from 1882.  The exact same design was used for series of 1922 issues as well.  Believe it or not, some of the 1922 examples can be bought for less than $10,000 in lightly circulated condition.  That is an amazing value considering the rarity and high denomination eye appeal.  1882 specimens can be rare to extremely rare.  It all depends on the signature combination.

Series of 1928 $500 gold certificates are certainly available.  You can purchase a really nice looking circulated example for around $6,000.  High grade rarities are considerably more expensive.  William McKinley is featured at the center of each bill.  It looks like these should have a design over the big “500” on the right hand side of the bill; however, that blank space is as intended.