Value of Bills Marked with Hawaii

Hawaii Stamped Brown Seal Bills

During World War II The United States issued special money to be used in Hawaii in case Japan took over the islands.  The idea was that this special money could be devalued if the Japanese gained access to it.  Today most of the surviving examples were kept by servicemen serving in the area.  A lot of the money is quite common.  If you have a star note or a high grade specimen to sell, please contact me.

As you might expect, the 1935A $1 Hawaii note is the most common of the four denominations.  It is worth about $20 in average condition and $100 in perfect condition.  George Washington is on the center of each bill.

Series of 1934 and series of 1934A brown seal $5 Hawaii notes are also fairly common.  Circulated examples are worth about $50, and prices go up from there based on their condition and serial number.  Abraham Lincoln is on each bill.

Alexander Hamilton is featured on the front of each $10 Hawaii bill.  All things equal, uncirculated ten dollar notes are the rarest of the four denominations. Star notes are difficult to locate on all denominations with exception of the one dollar bill.  If you have a $10 star note, please tell me about it.

Brown seal twenty dollar Hawaii notes are also available for both the series of 1934 and 1934A.  These are valuable in uncirculated condition, but quite common in average condition.  Star notes are much more valuable.