Value of Yellow Seal Silver Certificates

Yellow Seal North Africa Notes

Yellow seal silver certificates used during the North African military campaign of World War II have a striking look to them.  The yellow and blue comes together nicely to create a note with a lot of eye appeal.  When dealing with this series you want to try to find notes in perfect condition or notes that have a star symbol at the beginning of the serial number.  Feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

The $1 1935A North Africa silver certificate is easy to price.  Most examples are worth around $20.  Bills in uncirculated condition sell for close to $125.  George Washington is on the front of each bill.  As always, star notes command a premium.

Series of 1934A yellow seal notes are always popular.  These can be worth a couple hundred dollar in perfect condition.  However, the average example trades for around $60 if it doesn’t have any problems.

Ten dollar North Africa notes come in two different series.  The rare variety is from 1934.  The common type is from 1934A.  Just to the left of Alexander Hamilton is the inscription “series of 1934” or “series of 1934 A”.  If you need help identifying your bill, don’t hesitate to ask.