One of the most beautiful and sought after of the large sized notes produced by the United States is the $5 “Woodchopper” note. This is a 1907 series note, and depending on the condition as well as other variables, the “Woodchopper” can be worth several hundred dollars. This note was issued from the period of the Civil War until the 1920’s.

The front of the Woodchopper note includes a beautiful vignette of a pioneer family. The father stands holding an axe, which led to the nickname “woodchopper”. The design also includes the wife and a baby as well as a dog. The note was designed as a representation of the United States as a time when the country tripled in size due to the expansion of its western territories. It pays homage to the families that struggled to build a future for themselves and the country. There is a portrait of Andrew Jackson, the seventh President of the United States, on the left-hand corner of the note. On the front, there is also a bold red “V” as well as the treasury seal. There is a very intricate design in green on the reverse side.

This was the last large-sized $5 legal tender note issued.  The note measures 7 3/8 x 3 1/8 inches. The large-sized bills are often referred to as “horse blankets” due to their size. These bills are sought after because of their unique design and rarity. The Woodchopper is a must-have for any serious collector. Of course, considering the condition of the note is very important when determining tis value and an experienced currency dealer should be consulted to find out your note’s true value.

There are several large-sized notes that were issued by the United States and the Woodchopper is one of the most beautiful as well as desired examples. Finding one of these notes in excellent condition is rare and quite valuable. Whether you are a serious collector of old money or someone who came across one of these notes when cleaning out the attic, the Woodchopper note is a great find.